Migrations services

Migration services

Have a succesful migration, using Nemo´s core services.

Data Migration and Application Migration projects are now critical to many organisations because in the information age data is the new oil. 

Due to the massive growth of data and applications within companies, IT organisations are in a constant state of change.  In addition, technology innovations are driving the agenda.

Consolidation of systems infrastructure, virtualisation, standardisation of platforms and the use of emerging Cloud technologies force IT professionals to constantly migrate data and applications from one platform to another.

Application Migration and Data Migration projects are extremely critical within organisations. The impact of overruns or failures can be significant with negative financial consequences to the business as a result of lost productivity. In the worst case scenarios data loss or corruption can be disastrous!

Application migration and Data migration projects are risky and can disrupt ongoing business operations and as a consequence some IT organisations postpone application migration and data migration projects

Nemo has a strong track record of helping clients reduce their operating costs by migrating data and legacy applications to new environments. Our experienced staff apply best practice and proprietary toolsets to ensure migrations are carried out quickly and cost effectively without sacrificing accuracy or quality.


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